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Thema: An English HillClimb rebuild.

  1. #11
    Well it has been a while.

    Change of plans I saw this.

  2. #12
    Mmmm anyway back to the build.

    Sorted out the oil lines

    And fitted

  3. #13
    Some templates

    And then I had a delivery.

    And some arches

    Need a new front end. That I will need to collect from the UK in a few months.

  4. #14
    Some new parts for the suspension

    These are used to drop the position of the lower ball joint to add some more camber in bump and roll.

  5. #15
    Where do you order the lower ball joint extentions? What is the length of the extension?

  6. #16
    As pictures are better than words

    They are 1 1/2" the same as the ball joints but a 38mm spanner will fit.

    I ended up getting them from MondoMotor sport. But they are re doing their website so had to contact via face book if you have problems send me q message and I can provide an email address.

    But it is Leigh that is now in charge as his father has retired.

  7. #17
    A bit more roll cage so I can use a HANS device.

  8. #18
    Ball joint spacers fitted. Needed to mod the ARB drop links.

    Time to start on the electrics

  9. #19
    Looks good. Let us know how the spacers effect the driveability.

  10. #20
    New front end ordered and made.

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