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Thema: An English HillClimb rebuild.

  1. #101
    some little things made. i wonder where they may go.

  2. #102
    As some may have seen it is out with the old lightweight Kevlar Sparco seat. i got it to go in the Cox in 96 out of Ferrari for 40 quid.he foam back and seat were gone and the red fabric was failing the fact i could no longer get my arse in it had nothing to do with it.

    so one 6 hour trip later. many seats sat in one decided on.

    this brings about a problem. the cage was basically built about my driving position in that old seat.

    time to make changes for a wider and taller seat.

    need to get it roughed out first.

  3. #103
    ok now to find a friend who can bend up some brackets for me. and i still need to patch the floor where the old seat mounts were welded in.

    was a bit dark when i finished.

  4. #104
    those funny plastic elbows are now fitted

    just touch on full lock so will have a small trim when the adhesive is dry.

  5. #105
    decided to give the welder some love.
    todays delivery


    tomorrow it will be put to use adding these.

  6. #106
    well today.

    I have flushed out the engine with some Motul rad flush
    while i was running the engine for the required 30mins i noticed some fuel coming from the Filter king breather.
    seen here to the right of the IDA

    well i decided to have a look at the diaphragm. Ok this was originally fitted to an earlier car circa 1995 before unleaded fuel was the norm and ethanol was not added to the fuel.

    so please if you have similar items in your fuel line please check them.

  7. #107
    oh i forgot the seat was fitted at the weekend.

    now to dust.

  8. #108
    wanted a new expansion tank for the coolant as the old MK1 Metro one has seen better days.

    so after lots of googling and trying to see what size and configuration many were it took a change on a MINI one.

    almost looks like like it was made for it. this is not attached to anything.

    so made up a bottom bracket

    and this is the top part drying
    as i dont weld Alu. this it steel

  9. #109
    all in place

    also fitted some checker-plate in the foot-well for my heels been meaning to do this for years.

  10. #110
    better check that things fit.

    yep pedals do pedally stuff

    4th gear is doable.


    who needs that.


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