10" Minilite and derivates

Rim Name and size Offset (if known) Notes
Cooper Car Company 'Rosepetal', 4.5x10" The original 8 spoke design wheel.
Made by the Cooper Car Company.
It's a 'copy' of the wheels used by
Cooper for Formula racers. The Minilite
design was copied from the 'Rosepetal',
but is more famous today.
'Rosepetal' 6x10" Picture (c) Casper Sparsöe. | Made for
18 times Danish Champ winner Erik Hoejer
by Ole Rytter (Denmark). The same man
who also, in '66-'68, made the first alloy
7 port heads, which were the brainchild
of Erik Hoejer's race mechanic Poul Heickendorff.
The heads which later became the base for
the iron copys by AKM (and then MiniSport).
Only 2 sets know to exist.
'Rosepetal' 4.75x10", recast 80's Cooper Car Co. cast of the Rosepetal
Vortz 'Rosepetal' 4.75x10" Vortz bought the Cooper Car Co's original
tooling and continues to make the 'original'
Rosepetal. Added 'Vortz' logo on outer edge.
Vortz 'Rosepetal' 4.75x10" Limited batch made without the 'Vortz' logo.
MiniSpares Center 'Rosepetal' 4.75x10" ET40 Modern reproduktion by MiniSpares Ltd.
Part n° C-21A1071.
CR wheels, 4.5x10"
CR wheels, 5x10" Fit w/ 165/70 tyres w/out arches Still in
production in smal numbers in Japan.
Copy of the famous Rose Petals
CR wheels magnesium, 5x10"
Early Minilite Magnesium, 4.5x10" The groove dissapeared ~1967
Minilite Magnesium, 4.5x10"
Minilite Magnesium, 5.5x10"
Minilite alloy, 4.5x10"
Minilite alloy, 6x10"
Minilite Generation II, 6x10" ET-15 Modern designed, 'dished' Minilite. 3.4kg.
100+, 5x10"
RS Watanabe, 6x10"
Enkei [E152?], 4.5x10" ET40
Enkei, 5x10" ET16
Span Mag, 6x10" Made in New Zealand by Papakura
Metal Foundry. Available in a range
of widths up to 9inches.
Ward, 5.5x10" Originally made as Ward wheels in
Palmerston North N.Z. Were later
made better and with a nicer finish
by Aldic and became regulation wheel
for N.Z. Mini seven racing, Group NB.
Aldic, 5.5x10"
Fraser, 5.5x10" Again a copy of the Ward wheel.
Fraser made about 100 of them.
Any more info greatly appreciated!
Minilife works replica, 4.5x10" Fits without wheel arch extensions.
Minilight, 6x10"
BWA Racing 'GB', early design (70's), 5x10"
BWA Racing 'GB', later design, 5x10" ET21 Commonly only known as 'GB'.
Manufactured by 'BWA Racing'
BWA Racing 'GB', 6x10"
Boomerang, 5x10" Italian made
Unknown 46, 4.5x10" Unknown Minilite-Style wheel,
most probably from Italy. No marks.
Can anyone identifie this wheel?
Looks similar to the Carmona, but
has much smaler seats for nuts. Nuts
are a combination of sleeve & tapered

Carmona, 5x10"
KN Minator, 5x10" ET19
KN Minator, 6x10" ET6
MWS, 4.5x10"
MWS, 5x10" This 5X10" wheel was designed for use
with drum brakes and will not fit the
Cooper S brake.
PEG Mistral, 5x10 Came out std. fitment in quite a few
Minis in South Africa
Performance, 5x10" Performance Australia
ROH 'Contesta', 4.5x10" Also came in 5x12" and 6x13".
Compliments from GT mowog in Oz.
ROH 'Contesta', 5x10" Note how the 'spokes' are recessed below
the outer edge.
Ultralite, 6x10"
Image Split Rims, 6x10"
Valtain, 5x10"
Unknown 50, 5x10" Lettering: "MINI 5J-10"