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Thema: Just thought I would say Hi.

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    Just thought I would say Hi.

    Sorry for the English but my German is very very bad.

    Living in Mainz and hoping to get out in the race car later this year or next. Been playing with Minis since 1986.

    Some pics.

    And the first start since 2001 click to play.

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    Hi and welcome.

    Nice race Mini you have there. And the garage is a dream.

    What kind of Radiator do you use?

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    It is from an MPi I belive but at the time it was just the first front mounted Radiator that Rover had done. So I ordered it.

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    Hi Nick,
    sorry for my english, it´s not so good. Really cool race car. Are you driving car race?

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    pk some updates. it has been a while.

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    now thinking about how it looks.

    rear lights?

    which grill?

    that is where i am now. more happening later.

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    hi there !! :)

    you moved over from gb to germany with your mini ??
    when do you plan to make your first race ??
    which race series do plan to do ??

    nice work that you are doing. go on !!


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