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Thema: An English HillClimb rebuild.

  1. #21
    Was thinking about changing the dash and using a pod for the Rev counter.

    Well the pod did not hold the Rev counter so some mods were needed.

    It works but I think I will go back to the original set up.

    Need to make a few changes to it but it will be fine.

  2. #22
    Cut some parts off an old front.

    Removed the welds.

    Sent them for powder coating.

    Will get bonded in place later.

  3. #23
    Picked up some alternative rate springs for the rear.

    Had them recoated as well

  4. #24
    And finally had come Carbon delivered yesterday just before returning.

    Going to be busy in the garage as I also have the new front end.

  5. #25
    Will need to relocate the expansion tank but that is not a big problem.

  6. #26
    Coming together.

  7. #27
    Expansion tank relocated.

    A bit tight but the filter King fits with no contact.

  8. #28

    After lots of measuring and doing stuff again and again. A hole has been cut.

  9. #29
    Pushed her outside today. Need to have the caster set so I can finally fit the arches.

  10. #30
    Arches bolted on and trimmed back.

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