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Thema: An English HillClimb rebuild.

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    An English HillClimb rebuild.

    my welcome thread

    my build thread on the UK Mini Forum

    so some history. been around Minis for a long time done all the typical UK mods IE big engines etc as the UK MOT is nothing like the TUV (sorry on a Swedish keyboard)

    a few cars that i have built for my self.

    and the current one on its first outing.

    i am also responsible for this.

    here it is setting a class record that it held for about 12 years.

    So i then moved to Sweden and took the Mini with me and did nothing to it.

    i then came to Germany in 2012 and brought the Mini with me. Last year i found a place where i can do some work on it.

    I am rebuilding it to UK specs as i plan to race it back there as i have some scores to settle. I do plan on doing some Bergrennen here but more for fun.

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    so lets start the rebuild.
    Sorry for the English but my German is very very bad.

    Living in Mainz and hoping to get out in the race car later this year or next. Been playing with Minis since 1986.

    Some pics.

    And the first start since 2001 click to play.

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    pk some updates. it has been a while.

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    now thinking about how it looks.

    rear lights?

    which grill?

    that is where i am now. more happening later.

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    new project rebuild the trailer.

    as i need to get the car to the weekend at Seidenbuch.
    Zitat Zitat von stanolli Beitrag anzeigen

    Es kann wieder losgehen, hier ist der Flyer für dieses Jahr. Eigentlich alles wie immer.
    Live Band, Lagerfeuer, Trinken, Essen, Cocktails, Ori, Sonne usw.
    Dieses Jahr spielt die Band HARD COVER.

    Wenn möglich, kurze email als Anmeldung mit Personenzahl.
    Hilft uns bei der Planung.

    Anhang 30447

  9. Hi Nick, nice Car see you at Seidenbuch!
    LG Öli
    Wenn Du denkst Du hast alles im Griff fährst Du zu langsam :D:D:D

    Man sollte erkennen wenn etwas vorbei sich auf etwas neues zu freuen!

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    Thanks. Will be there but I don't think I will be running the car. Oil pipe problems. But we will see.

    At least I will be able to get it there.


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