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Thema: An English HillClimb rebuild.

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    brakes and steering arms on.

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    right. slight change of plan.

    as i have spent the cash on a dog gear set i no longer really need a pre filter. but there was a problem with the bits i wanted. i wanted to fit a oil temp gauge but i also wanted AN8 hose and fitting not AN6 so a chat with DSN lead to a chat to SC with resulted in this delivery. the other bits well my self made welded up rear mounts might be past it now.

    the front mounts. why not-

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    well the engine is out so now the fun starts.

    the fun being this. back in 95 after fitting the flywheel i noticed there were no threads on the holes for pulling it off.

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    well it is off had to go to M12 and modify an old puller.

    not seen these old things for quite some time.

  5. Nice to see Nick!
    Wenn Du denkst Du hast alles im Griff fährst Du zu langsam :D:D:D

    Man sollte erkennen wenn etwas vorbei sich auf etwas neues zu freuen!


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