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Thema: engine machinists in the Mainz/Rüsselsheim area?

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    engine machinists in the Mainz/Rüsselsheim area?

    Ok Guys need a little help.

    looking at having a little work doing on the block when i pull the engine.

    need someone who will be able to grind and drill and tap the mating surface to the gear box.

    thought i would ask here first before asking about some of the places near me.

    I know what i need doing just need to find somewhere that can do it.


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    07 2001
    Hi Nick,
    in case you don't find someone in your area...Borger Engineering Gernsheimer Str. 69, 64319 Pfungstadt 06157 808865
    They know a/series engines very well...
    Cheers Andy
    gruss andy
    Mini, you only get what you make of it!!!
    Erfahrung lässt sich nicht "downloaden"!!!!!!!

    "Der Gebildete treibt die Genauigkeit nicht weiter, als es der Natur der Sache entspricht" Aristoteles

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    cheers andy i have seen them but have no idea if they knew the A series. looks like i will be visiting them.

  4. Hi Nick,

    probably in Mainz Motoren Reese. They have some Mini experience.


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    Hi Nick,

    probably in Mainz Motoren Reese. They have some Mini experience.

    Nice. Close as well.

  6. MOTOR Reese, they're in Hechtsheim.

    They 've done great work on two of my Harley engines and also when I rebuild my A+ 998 engine.


    Greets René

  7. Hallo René,

    siehe oben...



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