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Thema: An English HillClimb rebuild.

  1. #81
    well so things have been going on since the last update
    I needed so things to open and close the doors.

  2. #82
    i also needed something to keep too much air across the top of the carb.




  3. #83
    needed a front wiper.

    mmm corsa a and B rear wiper motors.


    needs a cut out


    Modify (cut and weld) arm with Mini wiper

    that will do

    oh better add a splash plate

  4. #84
    the start of another project

  5. #85

    did not fit

  6. #86
    ding ding round two

    new cable stop for the accelerator


    dont like the water pipe routing.

  7. #87
    make a thing

    add a thing

    add a T piece and some new hose

  8. #88
    oh finally got round to finishing the sides

  9. #89
    next job was re doing the coil over mounts as i have never really been happy with the currently available ones i had fitted. so i dug out the old Proto ones from Huddersfield Mini spares as he was back then.
    here are the current ones.

    and the old proto ones

    had these turned up


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